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օʀǟӼɨɖ ʋ2.0 ₍₂₀₂₁₎

Virtual Sculpture

The OraXids, is an ongoing sculpture series combining references to orchid flowers with the 2000’s aesthetic trend depthcore/metalheart.

The series explores the idea of society being stuck in a loop, repeating cultural forms from the past, by continuing the appropriation of early web 2.0 content that has become a key process in my practice. The OraXid textures are created by layering HD photographs of lichen with web-page backgrounds sourced from a defunct MySpace and Piczo customisation site..

Orchids are one of the largest species of plants, and live in almost every habitat on Earth - excluding glaciers. The series developed from connecting this prevalence with society’s further virtualisation, considering what might happen if we attempted to fuse the natural world with technology to increase our connectivity. This contemplation draws on contemporary interests in non-human ontology, and developments in biological research and Artificial Intelligence (e.g AI are learning how to self-replicate without human intervention).

The series itself is evolving, each iteration being a combination of new & previous forms, with titles that aim to denote this. Some of these forms become finished works, others are just stages in the development. OraXid V1.0 was shown through the web-based Implied Gallery as part of their Virtual Sculpture Garden exhibition in 2020.