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ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą >> {{ą ʂɬཞɛąɱ}} ₍₂₀₁₉₎

instagram installaltion

X[ed] Ova >> {{A Stream}} was created for the inaugural Lot Residency on Silicon Valet. Building on the themes of Western Approach to Paradise the work explores IRL and online nostalgia, and the concept of a mounment in the post-internet age.

X[ed] ova >> {{a stream}} employs the instagram user interface in an optimal way, considering the interaction between image and viewer at various points on the platform. Through the creation of an IRL sculpture and a virtual counterpart, the work continues my exploration into our evolving relationship with physical and virtual materiality. Textures sourced from a defunct MySpace & Piczo customization site are used throughout, highlighting the historic connection between current social media platforms and the spaces that came before them. Together, these elements combine to examine the social media feed as an unstable archive and playfully question the monument in a post-digital age.

When viewing the Silicon Valet profile directly, visitors are presented with a large-scale image of an IRL sculpture, with each segment of the image being a singular post on the feed. This is a common method used across the platform, and the static nature of this view reflects the stillness of the physical work. When encountering each post directly, the work comes to life as the image pulsates back and forth between the physical and virtual counterparts.

Utilising the multiple upload feature, viewers are able to swipe between a series of images featuring various perspectives and close up details. Making use of the current instagram UI, when directly viewing each post via the Silicon Valet page viewers will be able to scroll down and watch as animation cascades between the images. By swiping between each section, visitors are able to create their own vertical collage by mixing and matching the images fragmented across each post.