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ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą ₍₂₀₂₀₎

Virtual Sculpture Tiptrych / Interative Virtual Sculpture Installation

Developed from research into local architecture and post-digital materiality, X[ed] Ova explores the ways in which digital technologies are expanding the field of sculpture.

The work presents a triptych of virtual sculptures that pay homage to two footbridges in the city of Plymouth which were demolished as part of redevelopment works between 2018-2020.

Named for the process of transformation that both informed and took place during their creation, Nova, Angel and Eve amalgamate digital sculpting processes with photographs of an ‘IRL’ work which, like the bridges, has since been destroyed.

Housed in an interactive virtual environment, the sculptures are presented alongside audio from the demolition, 3D scans of debris, and text that appears like disembodied console commands - a mixture of references to the city of Plymouth, the etymology of the sculptures names, and extracts from Western Approach to Paradise - a video work from 2019 that sits in the same fictional timeline as X[ed] Ova.

X[ed] Ova explores ideas around history, mythology, legend, nostalgia and homage while also considering how shifting physical landscapes - in this case urban - can operate as symbolic reflections of personal and societal anxieties (gentrification, displacement). The work also explores how interactive technologies can expand the contextual relationships of sculpture, positioning the view as an information detective who must piece together the world around them through fragments of data and environmental clues...