ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą ₍₂₀₂₀₎

Virtual Sculpture T iptrych

Building on X[ed] Ova >> {{a stream}}, X[ed] >> Ova (crossed over) is a triptych of virtual sculptures exploring the relationship between physical & digital sculpting processes.

The series amalgamates images of a destroyed IRL work with virtually sculpted forms to create a monument for the post-digital era. Fragmented images of the physical work are transformed into 3D meshes, which are embedded in a recreated version that defies the laws of physics.

Existing within the screen, X[ed] Ova plays with the frustation of seperation to highlight the loss of the physical. At the same time, the work highlights the possiblity of digital processes for sculptural practices, the potentially endless reconfiguration & expansion of a form into impossible, otherworldly entites.

Each sculpture is given a name with themes of transformation & rebirth, a reflection of the crossing over of physical & digital processes that lead to their existence.

The series was presented at ROAD RALLY V1.0 a virtual spotlight selection at BARCU Art Fair, Columbia (2020), & has been selected for Plymouth Contemporary 2021. This updated version will be shown in a brand new, custom interactive environment built with UNITY game engine.