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video, 7m 26s

The year is 24XX.
During a routine scavenging expedition to the ocean planet Terra, a settlement was discovered submerged beneath the surface. On the outskirts of the ruined town sat a derelict facility, some kind of barracks repurposed into labs. Deep in its bowels, scattered between ominous machines and masses of cables, human remains were found… whatever happened here, it didn’t end well...

wish u were here is the culmination of research into screen based materiality and transhumanism. Using 3D scanning and modelling software as the base process, the work imagines a scenario in which a consciousness uploading attempt succeeds, but renders the subject trapped in a virtual void.  By mixing mission statements from transhumanist companies with critical articles and creative writing, wish u were here fragments the rhetoric around life extension to reflect the opaqueness of tech giants and the inaccessibility of radical technology. The work is accompanied by a web-based installation that furthers the narrative and showcases more experiments with virtual materiality.

Textures created from model meshes and screenshots from Google Maps are processed through free web-based editing software and Instagram, highlighting the layers of virtual materiality and visually representing both the physical and hierarchical structures of cyberspace. Transitioning between monitor and smartphone, the images become compressed, deteriorating like a memory encased in binary…