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ϝαʅʅιɳɠ ιɳ ɾҽʅιҽϝ ₍₂₀₂₀₎

.GIF  diptych

Created for New Realities, an online exhibition by DEEP FAT FRIED Collective.

Constructed from a selection of work in progress documentation and test renders, falling in relief takes fragments from a 3D model and turns them into ‘sculptures’ in their own right.

The diptych is a visual metaphor for the personal process of ‘letting go’ I experienced during lockdown 1.0, as my practice made a major shift from traditional sculptural processes and into digital mediums. What I came to realise is that regardless of whether I’m working with concrete, metal, .jpegs or .objs, I will always be a sculptor - a sculptor of matter, a sculptor of tales, and a sculptor of worlds.

Reflecting on this, I made this work as an exercise in allowing myself to fall further through the wormhole, to let go of the preconceived notions I had, and celebrate the skills that allowed me to continue making during this strange time.