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ᑕYᗷEᖇSᑭᗩᑕE OᗩSIS ₍₂₀₁₉₎

instagram installaltion

produced for a week-long residency on the instagram platform orbit, cyberspace oasis explores the potential of the instagram feed as an installation space. Utilising the 99p app griddypro, 3D rendered environments and google maps screenshots are segmented and uploaded to the feed to create large vistas. The landscapes are activated via animation and video, while the sequential sharing allows for details to be thrust into the forefront and images to be remixed. This project explored the relationship between IRL and digital environments, as well as the embedded connection between technology and the military. Using the 3D software blender to produce surrealist scenes inspired by real life places, and google maps to enter into areas inaccessible in real life (Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot in Torpoint), the installation paints a somewhat dystopic picture of a humanless digital future.