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beacon, body, port  ₍₂₀₁₉₎

sculptural installation

beacon, body, port transitioned forms back and forth between physical and virtual space as a way to investigate the realtionship between IRL and digital materiality. The sculpture takes the form of a chain house, the structures that hold the chains on which the Torpoint Ferry - the connecting point between Torpoint, Cornwall & Plymouth, Devon - runs.

The ferry is a personal icon, having been one of my main modes of transport throughout my life. beacon, body, port builds on this IRL site as an allegory for the liminal space of digital technologies and the internet.

The final piece shows 3 stages of the same structure, a hanging gaffa tape ‘skin’ striped from an early maquette, a 3D printed version made with Fusion 360, and a 3 meter tall sculpture that viewers could walk through. The work played with height and scale to convey themes of architectural hierachy and nostalgia by positioning viewers to look up through this soft, squishy structure as if from the perspective of a child.