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ᗩя𝕋ᎥƒᎥƈᎥᗩᏝ яᏬᎥᏁ ₍₂₀₂₁₎

End of Residency Exhibition at Rame Projects, Cornwall.

During my time at Maker Heights - the location of Rame Projects - I was drawn to the palimpsest of histories, memories, intentions & impacts that resonate throughout this place. The layers upon layers of time compacted into the landscape, a merging of pasts, presents, & potential futures. Maker’s history as a site of defence against invasion felt particularly pertinent right now, as capital centric development threatens what has been a sanctuary for community, nature, creativity & freedom of expression for multiple decades.

ᗩя𝕋ᎥƒᎥƈᎥᗩᏝ яᏬᎥᏁ presented a mixture of material experimentation & process led world-building manifesting across 3D, 2D, video, audio & speculative fiction text. The work embodied the layering of time & the blurring of 'real' & 'fake' through processes such as casting, papier-mâché, & composite photography, incorporating objects & imagery collected during my residency as well as elements sourced from my hometown, Torpoint (which is also on the Rame Peninsula, about 6 miles from Maker).

The speculative fiction framing the work engaged with one of Issac Assimov’s three postulates of Science Fiction: ‘If this goes on…’, imagining what Maker - & the world - might look like if growth focused economic models continue to be the norm. I was thinking about the specific issues faced by people living in Cornwall - lack of housing due to 2nd homes, lack of jobs due to a seasonal economy - & used Cornish language + references to local ecology.